It’s where the faith begins.

As I look back on the past, what really gives an impact into my life is when I remember those days that I was so sickly. I really did not get why I had that repetitious health challenges before.

I often got a fever which felt bad in any part of my body. It runs from place to another that I really cannot explain what’s going on.

It happened every now and then until one day I had the strangest health problem that I’d ever been in my childhood. It was when I urinated unconsciously. And that is not a normal urinating process my dearest friends as it occurred every single minute. That is a urinary frequency that I cannot hold every now and then.

My parents got worried about the thought that I might be dehydrated if it takes more than 3 days in that situation.

One day, they decided to bring me into the hospital and have me checked. The confusion started to sink in on my mind and even my mom’s mind because all the lab test results are just normal. I was not admitted on that day since the doctor said they found no problem with my kidney and my urine is clean and no presence of any bacteria that will give them a medical finding that I was infected.

We went home from the hospital the same day. And you know what it did not stop!
That turmoil continued for almost a week that time.

Our neighbor advised my parents to bring me into a local “albularyo” or a folk healer because we really did not know what to do that time. If I remember I was 7 year old at that time.

When we reached the house of the folk healer, he requested my father to carry me close to him. And then the folk healer touched my head and he whispered something which I did not understand.

Eventually, he asked my father a question that goes… Did you stop going to church where you usually visited during his birthday? My father showed a shocking face hearing that question from the folk healer. He rolled his eyes before nodding his head and said, yes, for two successive years we stopped candle lighting to the church where we usually did every birthday of him.

The folk healer in my town started shaking his head showing disagreement to what my father had told him.

And then he said, if you want him to be free from any illnesses like what he suffered previously and recently, you must continue to devote to the saint where you usually brought him and lighted a candle on his birthday. Do it every year because your failure will make your son so sickly.

Upon hearing those words, I had goosebumps. It felt like I was shocked and doubting with what the folk healer had said. On the other hand, I am happy because it felt like finally, I will be healed knowing that he seemed to know the reason behind all these health sufferings I had that time.

When we were on our way home, my father told me that we would visit the church once I would be healed. While walking our way home I felt like my body was lightened and the feeling of frequent urination was gone.

When we reached home, I felt so happy because I did not feel the same feeling I had before we went to the folk healer. It felt so tiring to urinate from every second if I was not mistaken. My parents had me wear a diaper that time to at least had me eased the feeling of being annoyed and disturbed.

And to let you know the saint that my father had devoted me to is the Senior San Narciso and it happened that it’s my father’s name as well. So every birthday of mine, I always make sure to visit the church of Senior San Narciso in Consolacion, Cebu.

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How to deal with a yelling boss?

One of the hardest things to deal with is when you think about a boss who yells at anybody at work. Sometimes, it makes you awkward to report at work the next morning when you wake up under the thought that you might be the one to receive a yelling on that day. Isn’t it trembling that you have fears over a boss who kept yelling the entire day because you have the assumption that it can happen to you? Otherwise, isn’t it ironic to think that you are a coward and do not know how to fight with a mad boss? 

Honestly speaking yes, this scenery can happen to anyone at the workplace. Bosses behavior normally unpredictable because it occurs spontaneously and basically, through the result of things that happened that a boss expected not supposed to happen.

In this blog of mine, I would earnestly want to remind you about how you must behave when a boss is yelling angrily and what would be your best weapon to overcome his heightened anger.

1. BE PREPARED. When you know your boss behaves that way, you have to accept and be ready when it will happen to you. It’s kinda preempting the scenario and accepting the fact that it indeed will happen. When you already have acceptance from within you of course, no reason to be affected by it. Make yourself immune to the fact that you have a yelling boss and that he yells whenever he likes.

2. COMPOSE AN EXPLANATION: Boss yells because he might be frustrated with his expectations. And probably he is at his wit’s end. When you reason out, avoid blaming. Instead, be committed to correct and work on things that irritated him. In explaining things, be calm and soft spoken.

3. ACKNOWLEDGE MISTAKES: Boss doesn’t get upset if things fall into the right place as he expects. When you start to reason out it’s like showing off your being defensive and note that it cannot help but instead it drives your boss madder as he is. Make your boss know that you understand things and that you commit to work hard on fixing things. Do not show your powerful gestures since it mirror your inner self of disagreement with him and that will only make him think he doesn’t like you for not following the things he wanted you to do.

4. BE CREATIVE IN OFFERING SOLUTION: You should have the initiative and the capacity to divert his anger. Try talking for a keyword on how probably you can correct things. Once he starts to listen to you, profound what is in your mind in addressing the problem. I know for sure, your boss upon hearing your words might contribute to expedite the solution to the problem.

5. NEVER ATTEMPT TO YELL BACK: The more you do, the more he will be dismayed. Some bosses plant anger at employees who always show superiority and embrace those who are willing to cooperate in resolving the conflict. Never attempt to question what he wants. Remember, he raised his voice because he didn’t like the outcomes of things he expected to be like the way he wanted it to be. Your boss is your boss, so you must follow him.

6. MAKE SURE THAT THE SOLUTION HAS WORKING OUT: This is the assurance that everything you offered as the solution was established and has worked out. Never stop following up until it is done.
Once everything is done like the way you have presented it to your boss, it adds up his trust in you and the factor that contributes your longevity at your present work.

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Why it sounds unfair that Miss Universe Philippines 2020 be labeled as a cooking show?

Since the very first day the Miss Universe Philippines organization revealed its official candidates for the first ever Miss Universe Philippines 2020 pageant, I really did not notice Rabiya Mateo. In fact, prior to the start of the official activities for the pageant, I myself had already my own favorites namely the following; 

1. Pauline Amelinckx- Bohol
2. Alaiza Flor Malinao- Davao
3. Maria Fee Tajaran-Romblon
4. Tracy Maureen Perez-Cebu City
5.  Michelle Gumabao- Quezon City

These lovely ladies caught my attention through their physical looks. 

I started knowing Rabiya Mateo during the initial pictorial and initial interview in which I saw a beauty that outshines through her Filipina skin color. A beauty that is remarkable as it shades with innocence and I may say looks is different and fresh. 

The first time I saw her attention catcher picture I told myself this contender seems has the chances of winning that’s if she has the confidence and wit. 

During preliminaries, I started rooting for her. The way she rampaging on stage makes me feel so amused and really made me think she was adorable. When I reviewed back the way she answered her initial interviews, I was surprised at her idealisms, poise and grace. 

When she won the minor award as Best in Swimsuit it strengthened my initiative that she will win. 

During the top 16 where all the contenders asked about a question that goes…”Throughout this journey you have discovered that you are a phenomenal woman who is conditioned for greater, how can you create a positive and lasting impact on the world around you?” Rabiya made a very wit answer by saying, “first of all, I need to stick to my core which is being passionate about educating people I am a lecturer and I’ve been pursuing this because this education had helped me to have that comfortable life that I and my family deserves and I want to push people I wanna, I want them to achieve greater things in life through me and I know with Miss Universe anything is possible because I am a phenomenal woman with a heartfelt beauty.”

Hearing this answer made me realize that this Iloilo representative surely win. 

During the final swimwear competition, I saw a woman who graciously walking on stage. Her natural charisma and physical beauty are what gave her a way to be chosen as part of the Top 5. 

When she was announced as part of the TOP 5 indeed, I said, she will be the next Miss Universe Philippines. And that she proved it when she answered the Final Top 5 Questions And Answer. 

Question 1:
If you could create a new paper currency with the image of any Filipino on it dead or alive who would it be and why?

If I were given the chance I want to use the face of Miriam Defensor-Santiago. For those who don’t know she was an Ilonga but I admired about her is that she use her knowledge her voice to serve the country and I want to be somebody like her, somebody who puts her heart, her passion into action and after all SHE IS THE PRESIDENT THAT WE NEVER HAD.

Question 2:
This pandemic has made clear our priorities, essential or non-essential l. Where do pageants stand is this time of crisis?

As a candidate I know I’m not just the face of Iloilo city but I am here carrying hope and as a symbol of light in the darkest times and as of the moment I want to help my community I want to use my strength to make an impact and that is the essence of beauty pageant it gives us the power to make a difference.

How can you dare saying that the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 was a cooking show when the winner didn’t even notice during the earlier part of the pageant. In fact, she was not part of Missosology’s Top 5 First Hot picks. It can be read here 

What is your thought of winning Miss Iloilo? Do you have same sentiment as with me? 

Disclaimer: The picture I used in this blog is not mine. Thus, I gave credits to the owner.

What’s on the code 25 15 9 for Mandaue Foam?

As usual, Mandaue Foam gives a very interesting hint for what should it be under the code of 25 15 9? And for customers who’d always been so loyal and love to shop, the normal code is just like a signal for them to start planning about what else they need for their home. And the netizens gave a wonderful reaction online while some predicted the code rightfully, others continue to make a wild guess as well as some are busy on updating their list of items that they will have to buy as surely, the code brings good news for a great savings to Mandaue Foam loyal customers.

This certainly an amazing activity for some stores who adapting the new normal environment and for some people who always have fears to go out and shop. Why need to wander around and look for a furniture store if we can already make a purchase online? Yes, indeed! Mandaue Foam’s ONLINE SALE is back from October 15, 2020 until November 9, 2020 where 25% discount for all regular priced items can be availed automatically when you place your order online. Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t surprising and interesting? For those who are not aware with Mandaue Foam’s online store, you may visit

You can create your own account through following the steps below;

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Daily Meditation #42

Kelly's Quest

There Are No Delays

There are no delays in the divine plan for me. Nothing can hinder the operation of this law in my life and action. Obstructions are removed from my path, and I now enter into the realization and manifestation of complete fulfillment of right desires. I do not have to wait, for the law waits upon me at every turn in life’s road. Now it is already done.

-Ernest Holmes

May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis

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How does COVID-19 give a reflection into your life?


If you are going to check the bible verse Genesis 50:20,  the passage reminds us about what God is doing everyday into our lives. He works out on things that all of His children sinfully done on Earth. Jesus always wants us to believe in Him. That the only salvation is through our faithfulness towards Him.

Things don’t always go as best as ever. Sometimes, we need to experience sadness to remind us about the goodness of God that if we are always ready to glorify His name and preaching His words to everyone, He will give you hopes and pull you out from the loneliness you face. Furthermore, it gives us the chance to fully understand our existence and through our strengthened faith, we will be saved by Him. 

While evil is working to distance ourselves from God, Jesus sends His angels to the world to guard on us. These angels have divine works on Earth. All these things happening in the world are all God’s plans.

Your best friend may betrayed you. Your enemy may do things to harm and hurt you. Other people may conspire others against you. The occurences of war, the natural disasters which killed many of His creatures. Infectious diseases rampage around the planet which killed thousands of people. All of these things intended for your harm. Who is behind all these? 

It’s God in heaven! He works them for our own good. Most of the time, I heard so many people saying about how God using coronavirus to conquer around the planet. That all of His people must suffer from hunger and even thousands of them succumbed into the disease.

The lockdown. How does it teach you some lessons? God did all these for us to reevaluate ourselves. Re-evaluating our own priorities in life while doing self-repentance at the same time. God teaching us to value our time with our families keeping all good memories in each of your lovedones’ heart and mind.

As Christians, we don’t normally believe in God who winds up and just watches and then steps back and lets the wind down. We believe that God continually creates chances, opportunities, happiness and sadness into our lives.

Why does God do it so? Mainly because in every moment of our lives He wanted us to learn. He wanted to test our faithfulness and beliefs. And to those who get tempted, by living a life extravagantly with all the world’s material things will be losing their ways to His kingdom. 

God did not create money and other material things. All these are made by all of His creatures. Where are all their intellects coming from? It definitely coming from Him but we slowly ignoring God blinded with money and all the man made technological inventions. Did we thank God over all these things? That’s the question that only your heart can tell. 

If you find yourself thinking that He’s not working things for your good like you think He should, ask Him to show you. Pray in Him to lead you again to the right path. If you can do that, you can get a chance to know yourself better. What is your life’s purpose towards others. Eventually, He’ll give you a glimpse into what the goodness He’s doing. And then He might just use you as His child to work things for someone else’s good in this world.


Does COVID-19 really one of the signs that the end of the world is near?


As of March 6, 2020, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease or likewise known as (COVID-19) had been confirmed in 77 countries and it risen to 100, 055 infections reportedly. Historically, the overwhelming majority of cases reported in the mainland of China. The number of deaths on the record had totaled 3,198. The most severely affected countries outside of China were the Republic of Korea, Italy & Iran.

Does COVID-19 really one of the signs that the end of the world is near?

The signs of the end of the world are prevalent. The early claimed signs are war, natural disasters, incredible and rapid increase in knowledge, the recent worldwide volcanic eruption, bushfire in Australia, the appearance of volumes of locusts in Africa and the recent deadly disease COVID-19 or early known as corona virus . Another signs that others have claimed are the poisoning of the air and water.  This caused birds & fish dying in a very large numbers. These are just a few of the Biblical signs which you can see on our end time signs home page.

On the other hand, there is  another author who many claim she predicted the outbreak of a deadly contagion in the years 2020. In her 2008 book End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World,  Sylvia Browne wrote of a pneumonia outbreak  that is ravaging the world. In her book she states: “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.

The brief passage of this book has sparked the imagination of the netizens who believe it matches the ongoing coronavirus outbreak happening around the world today.

In my own point of view, we should never looked this disease as one of the signs that the world is going to end instead, we must treat it as a huge threat to destroy the entire humanity. Everybody should work hand in hand together to fighting this deadly disease through having a self-discipline. The fight starts from within ourselves and it must begin by doing these things;

  1. Wash your hands every now and then properly.
  2. Boost your immune system by taking required VITAMIN C and by getting 8 hours of sleep.
  3. Wear a mask when you are sick this is to ensure that you won’t spread the virus if you have it already.
  4. When you are sick consult a doctor right away.
  5. Avoid too much crowd.
  6. And lastly, BE A BRAVE disease WARRIOR!

And whatever is this disease whether a sign of end of the world or just a natural contagious epidemic the best weapon we have is to be PRAYERFUL. With our unified FAITH in God, I believe that no other forms of deadly viruses can defeat the entire human races.

What I need when I feel so worried and scared of something?

The question is too vague to think what are those factors referring the word “something” that really scared me personally. I myself have so many fears. The fear of thunder, fear of failure, fear of sickness, fear of poverty, fear of lack of security, fear of unhappiness and a lot more.
If I have to extend my thought considering those so many fears that I have in life for sure I would end up seeing myself mentally exhausted and the worst is I’m going to be mentally retarded if I let my fears to control me.
At the point of my life where I was bewildered on what to do under the pressure of fears, I really didn’t know. I really find it hard to stress on the steps to take to ease the feeling of fears I have. However, when I started to deeply think of someone who can help me without any hesitant, I realized that it’s the only omnipotent God in heaven has the capacity to help me. No conditions negotiated and no contracts needed. That I only need to strengthen my faith when I am so worried and feared of something. 
I am the living proof that God truly exists based on my experience during those previous years of my life. When I was a high school student I really knew that I cannot proceed my studies in college contrary to some of my classmates who already had a plan for their studies through the guidance of their parents. While they were too busy choosing school to enroll, I was left in one corner thinking about the poverty I experience with my family. I was always behind them & always had no confidence in everything I did.
Life really turned the way I thought. I wasn’t able to proceed to college. I ended up working as a bagger in a department store. At young age of 18, I worked hard for my family. Being the eldest, I need to support my 6 younger siblings in the province. Life is so difficult living and working alone.
As I was at work, I looked those employed individuals who worked in the office. I found them so happy to see.  At heart I felt so jealous and I realized that I’ll be one of them if only I have the money to finish my studies. I know that’s impossible because all my earning is intended for my family in the province. I was so hopeless that time! I was so devastated thinking the fact that I really have no chance to be one of those employees who worked in the office.
One day, I called God. I had a self-meditation along by myself alone. I prayed in Him to help me get a college education. I did pray harder by then. Until one day, I found someone from across the horizon who chatting with me. We got to know our life story in the internet. He was a divorced man with two kids. He also has some frustrations in life like me. We knew each other more as we communicating longer through internet.
One day he asked me if I am willing to study in college. I really could not believe he would have asked me that question. That was the perfect question I heard in my entire life as I was waiting it for so long that someone gonna asked me about my willingness to study. I knew my parents couldn’t do it knowing our life status in the province. Without any hesitation, I said to him my desire to finish my studies. To make the story short, yes he sent me into school. He financed my studies for two years out of four years all in all in college. He stopped sending me financial help when I was about to end my second year.
When I was able to obtain 72 units I started to apply a call center company since it is a pre-requisite.
At first attempt I was failed during the interview. I didn’t stop praying. I pray even harder this time to God to help me so the remaining two years of my studies will be accomplished. I always went to church bending my knees asking for God’s help.
One day, somebody added me on facebook. It’s an account of the older woman who I really didn’t recognize. I accepted her friend’s request. A moment after, I saw a private message coming from her.
She asked about my parents and my ancestors’ origin. Then I told everything I knew to her. She asked me what I did in my present life then I told honestly about my life’s status that I was looking for a job since I can no longer finish my studies. He asked about my school, contact number and everything.
A few days after, I was called by our school accounting head. She told me that my Lola from Florida, called the school and asked my school records and remaining tuition fees needed to finish my degree.
I was really shocked!!! I really could not believe it happened to me. To tell you, she is the sister of my grandmother who is the mother of my mother who previously living in New Jersey before moving to Florida. She was the person who sometimes, I remembered in my childhood sending us penny of dollar to my mother through mail. It somehow helped our needs and was suddenly stopped without me knowing the story behind it.
To cut everything, my grandmom paid all my remaining tuition for the remaining two years. I graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Human Resources Development & Management.
All these are because of my belief in God. That when you start believing on the power of your faith and through your prayer, God listens & provides.

Why do I have this feeling of being empty?

I do not know how to start sharing this weird story of my life. It feels like I feared to tell about it co’z I might start losing good mentality to narrate it step by step. Yes, I feel so hesitant to share the way I am feeling now.

My life today is definitely not my ideal life I feel to live for the rest of my life. I feel unsatisfied about anything. I don’t know why. In my age I supposed to have a life legally settled down with my partner but that remains to be just a part of my wild dreams now.

My mind keeps overlooking to a place which is too far. Something away from the horizons.

I feel like my other me is in the place where my physical feature presently stay while the other side of me is in that far off place that I do not know where to find it. I know it sounds so weird  but I am honest to admit that I really feel that way now.

I am confused what’s happening to me. I have my work with enough income. I have my partner and a very awesome daughter but why I feel unsatisfied? Why I have this feeling of being so alone and aloof with anybody?

My family problem I think is one of the factors that contribute this horrific feeling I have now. I don’t want to narrate every detail about what bothers me most.  I left all these things to God. I have a lot of frustrations. They remain at my memory and everywhere I go they kept haunting me. Those frustrations were caused by those people who are very closed to me by bloods.

My heart desire is to go to a distant place that is very far. A place where I can start a new job, a new life with a brand new source of happiness. Because I feel so unhappy today and I can’t explain it why. It seems like everything’s happening is unpleasant for me.

Maybe you start to ask question whether I am living a life with or without God. Definitely, I would say yes I live with God in me. In fact, I called Him many times as I could every day. Anywhere I go I always glorify His name. However, I do not know this feeling that keeps my heart and mind in trouble.

If you know some factors why I have this feeling please share it to me by posting your ideas in the comment section of this blog. Help me find my direction that is going to be losing now.

Why Duterte is undefeatable?


(The picture I used in this blog is not mine. I give credits to the owner)

This remains a big question on the part of his political rivalry and opponent up to this day.

That’s the main reason they kept fabricating stories that would lead to discrediting the President under the thought that when his supporters started to believe their political propagandists, his foundation will somehow have weakened that would result into fast processes in stepping him down from the highest political position in the country.

This is very interesting battle to overlook for in the Philippines. While the President is busy in fulfilling to what he had promised to his supporters last campaign period in 2016 presidential election, his opponents also are busy digging up tactics & strategies just to pull him down.

My personal opinion why Duterte remains to be undefeatable up to now proving that is his successive performance surveys that steadily at high and continuously going up now is because he is definitely the man that has the qualities to be what the Filipinos desired to be a leader.

The following are my grounds why Duterte was embraced by majority of Filipino voters;

  1. He is a lawyer. He knows the rulings of law in both national & international. His intellect most of the times, was misunderstood by many especially his detractors and critics. More often, the president loves to deliver words in a way that is figurative. You have to deeply think to understand what he was trying to implicate. Sometimes, his cracked jokes have a deepest meaning why he said it in a very public forum.
  2. He has what we called a “natural charisma” that most Filipinos adored for. The way he speaks & acts, really fits to the tradition and culture of Filipinos. In short, everybody can relate to what he said and acted upon. It could be in personal or in television. Further than that, there is what we called a vice versa emotional relationship between his supporters and the President himself. Just like the way when he curses, even if he did it in front of the national television or even in international audience viewing, his supporters are just behind him laughing. Why? Is that an example of rudeness tolerance and acceptance? My answer would definitely NO! For me, it’s a reality that in a current situation of the country no one can dare to just be modest and act like a saint. He curses because that’s his way to ease what he really felt like me. In other words, Filipinos can relate to the President cursing habit and even to his body gestures which is really relatable to the real situation of the country. Cursing for me is not a big problem. It definitely won’t reflect about who really you are inside. It’s a simple habit that was chosen by the doer himself and it only became bad if we listeners would stop educating young children who hears when somebody’s cursing. In other words, let’s play our rule to educate young minds. Let’s be honest to explain why someone is cursing and when we can avoid to do it on our own.
  3. Duterte has a word of honor. In fact, slowly he almost above half percentage accomplishing to what he had promised to the Filipinos especially on his supporters. His build build build project is above 50% completion in his three years span as President.
  4. He truly cares for the welfare of most Filipinos. His universal health bill is a big help to all especially to the seniors.
  5. His self-determination to help this country who was once became to be unsafe and sinister is indeed laudable. His war on drugs, corruption and criminality is what most Filipinos are aiming for over long decades. He is such a kind of leader that Filipinos including me are aiming for.
  6. Duterte gained an unprecedented “excellent” satisfaction rating three years into office. According to the Social Weather Stations’ latest survey, 81 percent of Filipinos approve of his presidency. Now that is an astonishing comeback since Duterte hit his lowest ratings in late 2018 amidst the upsurge in inflation.

The reasons I have shared are just few among the many reasons of all his supporters. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you.

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