Why Duterte is undefeatable?


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This remains a big question on the part of his political rivalry and opponent up to this day.

That’s the main reason they kept fabricating stories that would lead to discrediting the President under the thought that when his supporters started to believe their political propagandists, his foundation will somehow have weakened that would result into fast processes in stepping him down from the highest political position in the country.

This is very interesting battle to overlook for in the Philippines. While the President is busy in fulfilling to what he had promised to his supporters last campaign period in 2016 presidential election, his opponents also are busy digging up tactics & strategies just to pull him down.

My personal opinion why Duterte remains to be undefeatable up to now proving that is his successive performance surveys that steadily at high and continuously going up now is because he is definitely the man that has the qualities to be what the Filipinos desired to be a leader.

The following are my grounds why Duterte was embraced by majority of Filipino voters;

  1. He is a lawyer. He knows the rulings of law in both national & international. His intellect most of the times, was misunderstood by many especially his detractors and critics. More often, the president loves to deliver words in a way that is figurative. You have to deeply think to understand what he was trying to implicate. Sometimes, his cracked jokes have a deepest meaning why he said it in a very public forum.
  2. He has what we called a “natural charisma” that most Filipinos adored for. The way he speaks & acts, really fits to the tradition and culture of Filipinos. In short, everybody can relate to what he said and acted upon. It could be in personal or in television. Further than that, there is what we called a vice versa emotional relationship between his supporters and the President himself. Just like the way when he curses, even if he did it in front of the national television or even in international audience viewing, his supporters are just behind him laughing. Why? Is that an example of rudeness tolerance and acceptance? My answer would definitely NO! For me, it’s a reality that in a current situation of the country no one can dare to just be modest and act like a saint. He curses because that’s his way to ease what he really felt like me. In other words, Filipinos can relate to the President cursing habit and even to his body gestures which is really relatable to the real situation of the country. Cursing for me is not a big problem. It definitely won’t reflect about who really you are inside. It’s a simple habit that was chosen by the doer himself and it only became bad if we listeners would stop educating young children who hears when somebody’s cursing. In other words, let’s play our rule to educate young minds. Let’s be honest to explain why someone is cursing and when we can avoid to do it on our own.
  3. Duterte has a word of honor. In fact, slowly he almost above half percentage accomplishing to what he had promised to the Filipinos especially on his supporters. His build build build project is above 50% completion in his three years span as President.
  4. He truly cares for the welfare of most Filipinos. His universal health bill is a big help to all especially to the seniors.
  5. His self-determination to help this country who was once became to be unsafe and sinister is indeed laudable. His war on drugs, corruption and criminality is what most Filipinos are aiming for over long decades. He is such a kind of leader that Filipinos including me are aiming for.
  6. Duterte gained an unprecedented “excellent” satisfaction rating three years into office. According to the Social Weather Stations’ latest survey, 81 percent of Filipinos approve of his presidency. Now that is an astonishing comeback since Duterte hit his lowest ratings in late 2018 amidst the upsurge in inflation.

The reasons I have shared are just few among the many reasons of all his supporters. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you.

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How I cope up emotional & mental stress out from a very failed simple command for someone I know who is trustable & knowledgeable?


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As I am writing this blog I am still in the feeling of being so emotionally and mentally stressed for a very simple command to someone who is highly trustable & knowledgeable for me.

When I woke up today’s morning, I instructed someone to withdraw a cash for me. The nearby atm cash dispenser is Metrobank and my ATM card is BPI. I told her to use my 4 digits pin. I repeated my pin two times and even I said, it’s a different pin from my landbank. I have it relied to her since I have to double time from bathing to fixing up myself as I need to leave at sharp 7am. My workplace is farther from where I live. I have to take 3 rides to get there. So when I leave at about 7:15-7:20 surely, I have to be like a dreaming robot on street-where I am thinking to fly just to escape the horrible traffic.

While I was in the bathroom, I heard she came already. I was about to get out from the bathroom when I was bombarded with her frustrating voice telling me that my ATM card was blocked. Note, that I only have a very meager amount of cash on my wallet and I need to travel longer to reach at my work destination.

This is so annoying and super disgusting thing to experience at very early morning. What I did is I asked her what happened. She said, she doesn’t know since she really input the correct pin. That is so terrible excuse! I’d rather accept a reason that says I don’t know if I really inputted the right pin. That is a reason that I can accept by giving her the benefit of the doubt that might be she forgot. Take note today is Sunday so bank offices are closed except for mall based outlets where I can go if I have a free time. In my case I don’t really have a time to do it since I haven’t anybody to stand in behalf of me when I am not around in the office. I also need to travel to reach the mall where there is a  BPI branch open.

I kept investigating her until she mentioned that really she did input the wrong pin. So then, I realized that the pin she wrongly inputted really a closed combination to my actual pin. Instead of ranting, I gave her the lesson she could learn from this bad experience for me. I do not know how would she feel for this scene today but for me it’s clearly a  human error that could be avoided if someone has self-initiative or self-awareness that wrong input of atm pin for three times could lead  atm card be blocked.

She hadn’t had to guess when the first attempt, it says incorrect pin was being input and that the machine is requesting again for the right pin. Instead of doing it for additional two times until blocked she has to get back home and ask the pin. Supposedly it is the best thing she can do for that problem. Remember, the location of the atm cash dispenser is just about 100 meters away from where I stay.

What I learned from this experience is instead of being so emotionally and mentally stressed over this little thing I have to be open minded that it will be the best example where I can impart to others for them to learn. When I’ll be able to do that it helps other people around the world who can read this blog to never let this small problem but (gives a huge impact to someone) who is really affected for it, not to happen again into them. And I cope it up by saying sorry to someone who failed to grant a favor I was asking. And it’s all up to her how would she learned from that experience and how she apply it into her future life. Erroneous things happened spontaneously without you expecting it to happen but there are ways to avoid it when you’re aware of the consequences when things fall into wrong which could have been done right.

When you do not know, don’t guess but ask.

Learn to use your own self-initiative and be aware that simple error you can commit will give inconvenience to other people who asked a favor from you.

And if you feel like it’s against your will to grant a favor they’re asking, don’t say yes. Saying no is better than being so pretending to be okay when you’re really not.

Learning to say sorry would somehow lessen the feeling of being so upset and disappointed to both party.



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What to expect with Expanded Maternity Leave?

Under the law, both government and private offices are required to give mothers’ 105 days or over 3 months of paid maternity leave. It applies to every instance of pregnancy and employers are required to grant it regardless of the mode of delivery, civil status, legitimacy of the child, and employment status. 

The IRR provides for the law to also cover female workers in the informal economy sector, national athletes, and even those who are voluntary contributors to the Social Security System (SSS). Maternity leaves can also be extended by 30 days without pay when necessary. Prior to the enactment of the Expanded Maternity Leave Act, mothers were already granted 60 days of maternity leave.

The implementation of IRR is a big help for all productive and reproductive women. 

This is one of the great things that President Duterte had done during his term.

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Does oarfish really have a connection to earthquake?


According to Japanese mythology, the oarfish is a messenger from the dragon god of the sea. In concordance with the messenger theme, in the two years preceding the Tohoku earthquake in March 2011, an unusual number of oarfish stranded themselves on the coastal beaches of Japan. The Japan Times on March 6, 2010, reported that in folklore the fish comes to the beach as an omen of an earthquake. With that in mind, is “The Big One” about to hit southern California, splitting it off from the rest of the continent and tipping into the sea?

Oarfish is a natural indicator. They are usually of deep sea creatures found in deep waters. However, they immerse to shallow water whenever their natural habitats are being disturbed. That means there is an abnormality happening deep under. Whenever an oarfish is seen, there’s ALWAYS a great earthquake or a tsunami coming over. Just as what happened in Surigao recently, before that, OARFISH were seen. Also in other countries, they are scientifically accredited to be calamity indicators.

Since first being described in 1772, the oarfish (Regalecus glesne) has maintained somewhat of a celebrity persona in the marine biological world. With its elongated body and prominent dorsal fin, it frequently played the role of “sea monster” in ocean travelers’ folklore. In recent times it’s undergone more serious scientific study, but with one significant obstacle: The specimens available were almost always dead or dying oarfish which had washed ashore or entered shallow waters under stress.

“Oarfish are very much a mid-water to deep-water species,” explained Karla Heidelberg, an assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Southern California’s Wrigley Marine Science Center. “They’re almost never seen.

In some places reportedly, several oar fishes seen in seashores where 4.9 earthquake struck in Sultan Kudarat. Meanwhile in Japan, most of these sea creatures were also been used as indicators for some underwater disturbance like earthquake. Once they immersed in shallow area, there was a disturbance occured from deep under the sea.

Whatever these sea creatures have indicated, we should always be prayerful to God in heaven. So, to whatever it is they wanted to deliver to the people it is still on our part to believe it or not. Nonetheless, we know some ideas about this fish.

Under this observation, oarfish may come out because of two things: Either there is underwater disturbance happening or maybe there is coming. Which is which, we must be prayerful for I still believe that only God has the sole power to protect us.
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The Consequences of our Choices

I like this blog so much. This reminds us to be more cautious about our reaction to every situation we encountered. Normally, our attidude relies to how we react on things that we faced daily. We must be more advance mentally before we can make judgment and conslusion about what happened. If we let our emotion to control above our mental capability of course, we always ended up just like being a loser.

Words on Serge Benhayon

What determines the choices that we make and are we as free to choose as we think we are?

I have been aware for some time that the way that we choose to think, speak and move governs the thoughts, speech and movements that will come next, but it wasn’t until I experienced this for myself that I really knew it to be true.

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Christine Lee Silawan’s death triggered the call on bringing back death penalty.

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I think nobody among us who spent too much time in the internet aren’t aware the recent gruesome killing of a 17-year-old girl,  who was believed to have been raped before her face was skinned and her body dumped on a vacant lot in Barangay Bankal, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. This is one of the most horrible killings happened in the Philippines and definitely, part of the history. 

This crime is undeniably, making rounds in social media as netizens expressed with so much anger and cruelty against the perpetrator. Netizens’ reactions triggers the call on bringing back death penatly that worries human rights advocates and defenders. And as we all know majority of the Filipinos are Catholic believers who first and foremost, believed that killing is against the commandments of God.

My point of writing this blog is to air my opinion as to why I am on the side of bringing back death penalty. And the following are my views

1. It is a call for bad people to rethink about committing heinous crimes.
One of the reasons why supporters of the capital punishment in favor of death penalty is because of the effectiveness making it as a crime deterrent. Understandably, potential criminals will be scared to committing crimes like rape and murder because of the harsh punishment awaits them.

2. Expenses cutting on the side of the government. 
Criminals who have committed grave offenses will only get life sentences and stay in prison. The increasing number of incarcerated individuals means additional expenses  spending for food and health care of these inmates. According to some critics, spending for people committing heinous crimes is impractical and a waste of taxpayers’ money which is very true.

3. It helps reducing the number of committed crimes.
People who adhered death penalty posit that without it, the number of major crimes like murder and homicide will multiply since bad elements will not be afraid to do whatever they want. It’s like no deterrent for them to do a heinous crimes from dealing drugs or killing other people. Without such harsh punishments, criminals will be taking advantage of weaker people and their victims.

4.  Death penalty in the Philippines is more humane, clean and safe.
We Filipinos, using lethal injection and this way of punishing criminals is so humane, clean and safe. Death by lethal injection is not as barbaric than hanging or firing squad that can be messy and more painful.

5.  Repeated crime offenders will now have fears to commit the same or another crime. 
Some of the crimes that are under death penalty are murder, rape and others depending on the nature the crimes was committed. There are criminals who are repeat offenders and not scared to rape and murder just because of the thought that someday they will out from jail again. This is true because many criminals today who’d been jailed several times still have the guts and chances to commit the same nature of crime or another crime. The demand for bringing back death penalty is nowadays at peak due to volumes of heinous crimes happening nationwide and were surfacing in some social media sites that went viral.

I myself know that there are also disadvantages with death penalty. If you feel like you disagree with what I have said in this blog, feel free to comment. I don’t debate anybody co’z I respect your views as well. My own views and opinions are based on my own personal observation supported with facts about what really is going on in our community today.

Truth Above All Else (event)

Perfect Chaos

I have a psychological battle every Sunday trying to decide what constitutes ‘work’ and what doesn’t. You see, even though I don’t identify as a Christian these days, I still treat Sunday differently to other days. I make a point of resting, being thankful, having quality prayer time, and doing everything — particularly eating and drinking — in moderation on a Sunday.

My reason for treating Sundays differently to other days is partly a hangover from my Christian days, but also I find it’s a good way of regrouping, taking stock, and thanking God for all the good things in my life. But there are certain activities — like reading and writing blog posts, cleaning my flat, or sorting out admin — that aren’t clearly distinguishable as ‘work’ or ‘not work’. Can any of you identify with this struggle?

Perhaps it’s silly to wrestle with this, but I find that…

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How Does Inflation affect to ordinary person like you and I?


The question is kinda vague to answer to people who first and foremost did not understand about what really inflation is all about.

Basically, you will feel the inflation when you yourself is very mean to your expenses versus your savings. Nowadays,  as you noticed, your 1000 bill when you are inside the grocery store is just like a small amount of coin that even you alone was shocked the quantity of your items being paid with your Php1000 bill on your pocket. When you are aware of that then you know what inflation is all about. It danger’s individuals’ savings. When it happened, you can start overviewing what is in store for you and your children in the future.

However, if you are more philosophical like thinking that all wages and prices increased at the same rate it would all balance out in the end right? Do you think that is possible? Of course not! When all the prices increase, of course companies will stop spending more for goods and services since they are very worried about what if these goods and services paid will continue to rise up in the next months or years? Do you think they would get back the amount they spent and even get a small percentage out from it as profit? The high inflation rate, the more possibility that it can caused high percentage of unemployment. Let me explain it further here;

The inflation will reduce the purchase power of the workers and the ordinary citizens and this will cause reduction on the demand of the market as a whole. When demand shrinks or decreases, companies will see themselves producing too much of their products while fighting the risk about what they will get in return. The products won’t be sold quickly and the inventory will rise. When that happened, many companies will start to reduce its production and then the downsizing of business will start, causing unemployment. This is difficult to see on the real world, because in countries that show a high inflation, the Government works to prevent the rise on unemployment rate. I am pretty sure that our President is working on that already as we can see the unemployment rate as of April 2018.

Unemployment slightly declined in April to 5.5%, 0.2 percentage points lower than the recorded figure in the same period last year, the PSA said in a statement, citing the results of the April 2018 Labor Force Survey.

Employment grew partly due to increased infrastructure spending as the Department of Public Works and Highways’ road projects and rehabilitation of public school facilities are already underway nationwide,” NEDA Undersecretary Jose Miguel de la Rosa said.

Another terrible effect of inflation is when the lenders can’t be assured of getting repaid of the money owes to their borrowers. And continuing their business operations, they will now charge an exorbitant interest rates and as interest rates increase the economy grinds to a halt. So even the “good” side of inflation will turn “bad” for the economy in the long run.

I hope that this blog will help you understand about inflation and how does it generally affect into our lives.


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Laarni Lozada appears on Asap Stage tributing to the ‘Jukebox Queen’ – Ms. Imelda Papin in celebration of her 40th anniversary in the music industry.

The Ethereal Diva has once again returned to the ASAP stage last September 2, 2018 under the segment of ASAPinoy. A special segment that gives tribute to the OPM icons where at that day was intended for the Asia’s ‘Sentimental Songstress’ also known as the ‘Jukebox Queen’ – Ms. Imelda Papin in celebration of her 40th anniversary in the music industry.


Lozada together with Angeline Quinto, made a very remarkable performance by singing KATARUNGAN.  According to some Laarnians online, Laarni’s performance has always been one of the best performances she had while some of them ranting that it was ‘bitin’ as they expect more from Laarni Lozada whose belting power is incredible!

I said, I believe that our admiration and perspective when it comes to singing is undeniably inclined to performance where belting abilities have always been tested. I myself used to see Laarni’s unparalleled belting power even during those PDA days and last Sunday is kinda new to my eyes and ears. I saw the other side of her singing talent. A performance with less belting and instead, what you can hear is the full emotions she filled in the song she’s singing that proves she indeed embodies as the “Ethereal Diva.”

There are lot of shows that Laarni Lozada will have to appear aside from TV guestings. Please note on your calendar.

September 5 – Dinner Show in Immaculate Concepcion (Tayuman)

September 8 – Cebu (Private Event)

September 9 – PMPC Star Awards 2018 (special performance)

September 11 – Claver, Surigao del Norte 

September 15 – Silang, Cavite

September 26 – Youth Revolution