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Perfect Chaos

I have a psychological battle every Sunday trying to decide what constitutes ‘work’ and what doesn’t. You see, even though I don’t identify as a Christian these days, I still treat Sunday differently to other days. I make a point of resting, being thankful, having quality prayer time, and doing everything — particularly eating and drinking — in moderation on a Sunday.

My reason for treating Sundays differently to other days is partly a hangover from my Christian days, but also I find it’s a good way of regrouping, taking stock, and thanking God for all the good things in my life. But there are certain activities — like reading and writing blog posts, cleaning my flat, or sorting out admin — that aren’t clearly distinguishable as ‘work’ or ‘not work’. Can any of you identify with this struggle?

Perhaps it’s silly to wrestle with this, but I find that…

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How Does Inflation affect to ordinary person like you and I?


The question is kinda vague to answer to people who first and foremost did not understand about what really inflation is all about.

Basically, you will feel the inflation when you yourself is very mean to your expenses versus your savings. Nowadays,  as you noticed, your 1000 bill when you are inside the grocery store is just like a small amount of coin that even you alone was shocked the quantity of your items being paid with your Php1000 bill on your pocket. When you are aware of that then you know what inflation is all about. It danger’s individuals’ savings. When it happened, you can start overviewing what is in store for you and your children in the future.

However, if you are more philosophical like thinking that all wages and prices increased at the same rate it would all balance out in the end right? Do you think that is possible? Of course not! When all the prices increase, of course companies will stop spending more for goods and services since they are very worried about what if these goods and services paid will continue to rise up in the next months or years? Do you think they would get back the amount they spent and even get a small percentage out from it as profit? The high inflation rate, the more possibility that it can caused high percentage of unemployment. Let me explain it further here;

The inflation will reduce the purchase power of the workers and the ordinary citizens and this will cause reduction on the demand of the market as a whole. When demand shrinks or decreases, companies will see themselves producing too much of their products while fighting the risk about what they will get in return. The products won’t be sold quickly and the inventory will rise. When that happened, many companies will start to reduce its production and then the downsizing of business will start, causing unemployment. This is difficult to see on the real world, because in countries that show a high inflation, the Government works to prevent the rise on unemployment rate. I am pretty sure that our President is working on that already as we can see the unemployment rate as of April 2018.

Unemployment slightly declined in April to 5.5%, 0.2 percentage points lower than the recorded figure in the same period last year, the PSA said in a statement, citing the results of the April 2018 Labor Force Survey.

Employment grew partly due to increased infrastructure spending as the Department of Public Works and Highways’ road projects and rehabilitation of public school facilities are already underway nationwide,” NEDA Undersecretary Jose Miguel de la Rosa said.

Another terrible effect of inflation is when the lenders can’t be assured of getting repaid of the money owes to their borrowers. And continuing their business operations, they will now charge an exorbitant interest rates and as interest rates increase the economy grinds to a halt. So even the “good” side of inflation will turn “bad” for the economy in the long run.

I hope that this blog will help you understand about inflation and how does it generally affect into our lives.


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Laarni Lozada appears on Asap Stage tributing to the ‘Jukebox Queen’ – Ms. Imelda Papin in celebration of her 40th anniversary in the music industry.p

The Ethereal Diva has once again returned to the ASAP stage last September 2, 2018 under the segment of ASAPinoy. A special segment that gives tribute to the OPM icons where at that day was intended for the Asia’s ‘Sentimental Songstress’ also known as the ‘Jukebox Queen’ – Ms. Imelda Papin in celebration of her 40th anniversary in the music industry.


Lozada together with Angeline Quinto, made a very remarkable performance by singing KATARUNGAN.  According to some Laarnians online, Laarni’s performance has always been one of the best performances she had while some of them ranting that it was ‘bitin’ as they expect more from Laarni Lozada whose belting power is incredible!

I said, I believe that our admiration and perspective when it comes to singing is undeniably inclined to performance where belting abilities have always been tested. I myself used to see Laarni’s unparalleled belting power even during those PDA days and last Sunday is kinda new to my eyes and ears. I saw the other side of her singing talent. A performance with less belting and instead, what you can hear is the full emotions she filled in the song she’s singing that proves she indeed embodies as the “Ethereal Diva.”

There are lot of shows that Laarni Lozada will have to appear aside from TV guestings. Please note on your calendar.

September 5 – Dinner Show in Immaculate Concepcion (Tayuman)

September 8 – Cebu (Private Event)

September 9 – PMPC Star Awards 2018 (special performance)

September 11 – Claver, Surigao del Norte 

September 15 – Silang, Cavite

September 26 – Youth Revolution 


What about Maravilla Beach Resort?

Nobody can tell how many people were able to visit Maravilla Beach Resort in Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu. I myself can attest the uncountable crowd who came to the place especially if it’s gonna be a long weekend vacations and holidays.

There are countless reasons why people love to come and visit this place. Aside that it’s peaceful, the view itself is unforgettable. The wide white sands and the blue crystal clear water describe the place as what others called as ‘mini boracay’. There are also convenient mini hotel rooms around ready for check in at a very affordable price. You can enjoy the place like it’s yours since it has nothing much about ‘do’s & dont’s!

What makes the place really an ideal place to go is it is divided into two separate mood and ambience. If you love to hang out yourself & friends to place where you can just endure the high volumes of noise such as boisterous laughs, video karaoke sounds, the voice of those local and other foreign people all having good times together you can pick to check in or rent a place nearby that area. There is also on other side where it is free from any noise. Like you just want to unwind yourself and feel to enjoy the sound of the night. You can unrolled your portable mats on the ground enjoying the star gazing while doing some shots with your ‘berks and friends’. This scene is my favorite ever! I just love to relax myself by enjoying the natural cold of the nights outside. Listening to the sounds of serenading crickets is a great way to release all my troubles, pains and stress. It’s like giving myself a total way of chilling and unwinding!

However, all those things have also an opposing points. I know we always love to chill & relax with our cellphone battery full, consistent data signal connection and or pocket wifi always ready to access social media sites. At this point, this is what make the place unwanted to those who love to hang out just to make live appearances on their social media sites. This is because cellular networks there are not that powerful as we always think it is. In fact, your data signal cannot be used when you will be in the place. I think this is something that the LGU’s and other corresponding authorities have to work on. To ensure a stable cellular network signal to make the place perfectly ideal for out of town hang outs and always be a top destination by local and foreign travelers.

What differs Mandaue Foam from any other Foams and Mattresses manufacturers and stores?

There are several undeniable facts why Mandaue Foam is far different from other foams and mattresses manufacturers & stores. These reasons are the following;

1. Mandaue Foam will customize your foams, cabinets, sofas and a lot more! This is perfect since you can bring into reality the designs you want in mind you will never see in other stores around.

2. Mandaue Foam also delivers your items with minimal charges imposed. Our delivery charges depend on your area location plus we assemble your items for free. There is also an outside ‘rush delivery’ (not related to MF) just in case you want your ready items be delivered before the desired date you will use them.

3. Mandaue Foam also arranged artificial flowers in a way you want with ready wide selection of awesome vases that will fit to the space where you want them to display.

4. Mandaue Foam evolves as years gone by. We have a variety of items you can choose as you shop! We have bed linens, window treatments, home & office furnitures, types of cushions, wall decors and accents, bed pillows, houseware, sofa sets, beds and etc. There’s nothing else you can ask for as everything you need can be found inside Mandaue Foam showrooms!

5. Mandaue Foam has well trained staff and personnel to assist your needs. You can ensure good customer service from the first step as you enter the store until the time you leave.

6. Mandaue Foam has official online website where you can also place your orders.Visit for more details.

Mandaue Foam exists for 47 years providing quality foams and mattresses to all our tenured and walk-in customers.

As of writing this blog, MF anniversary sale is on going where 30% discount is imposed to all regular priced items. The sale will last until September 3, 2018 if not extended. Visit the nearest Mandaue Foam branches before the sale ends!


Sugbo Transit Express (Ceres Liner / Sugbo Tours) finally deploys public buses to serve the commuters from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Mactan-Cebu International Airport – Terminal 2.


Sugbo Transit Express (Ceres Liner / Sugbo Tours) finally deploys public buses to serve the commuters from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Mactan-Cebu International Airport – Terminal 2. However, the limited routes of this transport system around Cebu City area is frustrating as of writing this.  I myself really wish too bad that this transit system will have a route direct from Lapu-lapu City Cebu to around Banilad, Mandaue City area specifically to Gaisano Country Mall as their terminal center as soon as possible.

We all the know that Cebu is one of the highly populated City in the Philippines and so anywhere and anytime, we will see the existence of unstoppable crowd. Maybe the crowd are people who are migrants, students, workers, vendors, ordinary commuters and etc. And all these people are looking for more options of travelling experience with a wider coverage for a better and more convenient commuting experience. 

In Lapu-lapu City Cebu, Mactan-Cebu International Airport  is the Terminal 2. It’s so  perfect for all those who come in the City since it serves as a key entry access to explore the beautiful places in Cebu City. 

My experience today as I took the ride from Lapu-lapu City to Pacific Mall, Mandaue was so far good. The bus I rode was very clean. The aircon was nice and cold. Conductor and inspector very courteous and  also safety conscious. I had a very comfortable travel experience. Aside that you can seat comfortably, Sugbo Tours bus is also a PWD-friendly, GPS ready and CCTV-enabled making it a safe, secure and friendly transport service around Cebu. It has FREE wifi as well! Each bus can can accommodate 42 to 90 passengers, both seating and standing passengers.  I hope this service goes on and on and will keep on expanding all throughout Cebu areas.

This gives so much benefit to all of us commuters. Central Pusok area is always lacking Puj’s going to Mandaue during peak hours like 6am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm. Sugbu Tours buses ‘saved’ a lot of commuters. If ever,  I dont mind standing as long as I won’t come late into work.



Laarni Lozada nominated as Female Recording Artist of the Year in PMPC!


Laarnians both local & global rejoiced over the nomination of their queen as Female Recording Artist of the Year in Philippines Movie Press Club’s (PMPC) Star Awards for Music done every year.  The 9th and 10th Star Awards For Music, will also be called asA Decade Of OPM Excellence as way of giving tribute for a decade of providing recognition to those who deserved to be recognized in line with the music industry.

In celebration of a decade of recognizing great singers in the country in one event will be a double celebration of 9th (2017) and 10th (2018) STAR AWARDS for Music that will happen on September 9, 2018 to be held in Newport Performing Arts Theatre, Resorts World Manila.

Laarnians always believed that Laarni Lozada deserves to be recognized.

Her singing talent is incredible!  Her voice is magnificent so she deserves to be part of the nominated singers, One die hard Laarnian said.

On the other hand, when Laarni Lozada posted in her FB page she said,

To be nominated as “Female Recording Artist of the Year” and to be a part of this amazing list of singers is just wow! Thank you so much Lord! In my 10 years in music industry nafefeel ko na po yung recognition at lahat ng pinagpaguran ko. Nakakaiyak naman to. Thank you so much PMPC for nominating me. Kuya Arnold Cruz Reyes and Tita Lorna H. Sun Tobias LST Music Production maraming salamat po sa tiwala, kuya Kiko Salazar thank you so much po for arranging “IKAW YUN”


This is one the best God’s gifts to Laarni and all her die hard supporters (Laarnians) being altogether for 10 years. And so much more to expect from the Ethereal Diva.

To those who keep on loving her, thank you. God is good so always believe that everything happens in all of His own will!


Why would we need to become an insecure individuals who always longed for injustice and inequality and further embrace on lies and all imaginary political issues?



The photo that I used in this blog is not mine and I humbly give credits to the original owner.

We’re living in a world where everything including humans and non-humans are becoming a sinister.  One of these things that I am citing is the innovations of technology.

Technology is a one way that creates troubles. These troubles can sometimes, lead into huge misunderstanding among all the world leaders. The spread of everything that is imaginary is unstoppable nowadays. Everything that is unconfirmed factual and is considered as just a mere gossips can surely lead into a wide conflict. This will make every person plant anger within their inner selves. Having all these negativities can contaminate among all races around the world. These upsurge great walls of divisions.

The fact about paid mainstream media plus the unstoppable digital innovations are mostly terrible! This develops mistrust among all the national leaders that will result into multiplication of rebellions and other acts of revolutionary movements. The politicking media outlets and other social media warriors and paid bashers can promote barriers of national peace and unity.  Why would we love to destroy the reputations of one another?  Why would we need to become an insecure individuals who always longed for injustice and inequality & further embrace on lies and all imaginary political issues?

I think the only way we can achieve worldwide peace is when we start it building within our own self. All of these can be achieved if we all apply the following to ourselves.

  • Learn to love, value and appreciate yourself.
  • Discipline yourself. Take responsibility in every decision you make in all aspects of your life.
  • Only make decisions when you are calm.
  • Be ready to face others with enough logic. Be systematic on your way of reasoning.
  • Be honest all the time.
  • Know how to identify fake and factual news. Never be fooled by paid media men on internet.
  • Be a catalyst for pursuing the battle for world’s peace.
  • Let God live within you by welcoming Him to occupy a space at the inner part of your heart.May  God shower His infinite blessings to all those who read this blog.

What Mandaue Foam has to offer to its loyal customers as they celebrate 47th years of providing quality foam mattresses and furnitures!?

Starting August 15 to September 3, 2018, Mandaue Foam offers 30% discount on all regular priced items and 20% discount on all customized items. This is the most special & highlight moments of Mandaue Foam every year thus, they are giving away discounts beyond the limits.

To also give you the ideas, Mandaue Foam had been upgraded it’s website ensuring high quality online services. As long as everything is done about this upgrade, online purchase transactions can be once again used with more friendly & simplified features & functionalities.

Another good news that Mandaue Foam can offer is the opening of new Showroom located in Capulay, Tayud, Lilo-an Cebu. The opening of this new showroom will benefit those loyal Mandaue Foam customers around north Cebu area. This will give them more convenience as they can spend less time traveling just to get to the branches located in Mandaue City or Pardo, Cebu area.

What else you can ask for? Visit either of the four branches in Cebu City such as Mandaue Foam Main Showroom in Hernan Cortes St.,Mandaue City, Banilad Showroom in Banilad, Cebu, Pardo Showroom in Kinasang-an Pardo and Liloan Showroom in Capulay, Tayud Lilo-an.


(Photos used in this blog is credited to Mandaue Foam Official FB page.)

Laarni Lozada has numerous ‘gigs’ and ‘shows’ after making a noise come back on ASAP.

After her two trending performances on ASAP VERSUS segment recently, Laarni Lozada has a lot of invitations for ‘gigs’ and ‘shows’ here and there!



One of these is her recent TV questing in “Wowowin” in GMA7 where the audience was wowed with Laarni’s  powerful rendition of  “Ikaw”. Needless to say, she became active on TV and out-of-town shows. Lozada’s recent shows will be in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Surigao, Nueva Ecija and Cabanatuan.


(WCOPA days). Photo credited to the owner.

Lozada had proven a lot about her singing talent after bragging 5 medals, 4 golds and 1 silver in international arena when she was joining World’s Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) way back in 2013. She also got gold records award for her self-debut album with her hit ‘Kambal sa Uma theme-song “Kung Iniibig Ka Niya.”

This album comprises with her revivals of “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita“, Alipin Ako, Ikaw Lamang, You’re someone I belong to and her winning piece “Manalig Ka

When asked about what motivates her to continue singing, Laarni replied, “It’s my loving and die-hard supporters, my friends. Likewise my family who’d been my living motivational factor and also to my super hero. Si God! I can’t live without Him. I cannot imagine life if I succumbed into material things and forgetting that it is all because of Him, I have this talent.”

When I also asked her this question…What is your greatest fear? The humble yet super talented lady from Sultan Kudarat responded, My greatest fear is when I die where God isn’t with me. When that will happen, I am very afraid I can no longer share to Him the talent He gave me. I want to share with Him the voice that He endowed into me, the blessings in all of His glory.”

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